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“Calorie content and the benefits of canned tomatoes.”

“Calorie content and the benefits of canned tomatoes.”
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Tomatoes are used not only in fresh form, but also as canned dishes. You can find a variety of salted or pickled tomatoes, in the form of tomato puree or whole in their own juice. Canned tomatoes can also be understood as tomato sauce, juice and even jam. Tasty fruits are a part of various vegetable assortments, salads and lecho.

            Canned Tomatoes of “MEDVED LIUBIMIY” TM, possessing a unique taste, are excellent as a savory snack or used as an independent dish.

            In order for canned tomatoes to turn out successful, you need to know some of the subtleties in their preparation. In particular, the choice of feedstock plays an important role. So, ripe fruits are best suited for harvesting tomato puree, and green tomatoes are used for jam, which are distinguished by dense pulp. Both red and pink, and green and brown fruits are salted and marina, however, it is recommended to preserve them separately, without mixing different types in one jar.

            When choosing tomatoes for canning, you need to look so that there are no damages and stains on vegetables - otherwise harvesting with such tomatoes will be poorly stored. When preserving tomatoes in their entirety, I advise you to pierce the tops with a toothpick so that they do not burst during heat treatment.

            Tomatoes that are harvested whole preserve vitamins and other beneficial substances better. The calorie content of canned tomatoes also varies depending on the additives used, but in general it is quite low.

            The health benefits of canned tomatoes are due to the rich composition of fresh tomatoes themselves. The content of lycopene, which is a fairly powerful antioxidant, helps in the treatment of many diseases. Accordingly, when using both fresh and canned tomatoes, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases is reduced.

            In addition, the proven benefits of canned tomatoes due to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. True, it is worth considering that in this regard, vegetables that are harvested without the use of vinegar are most valuable, since this substance does not particularly beneficially affect the digestive tract. Tomatoes “Beloved Bear” does not contain preservatives, GMOs and acetic acid, only a natural composition!

            Calorie content of canned tomatoes 20 kcal

            Energy value of canned tomatoes (The ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates - bju):

Proteins: 1.1 g. (~ 4 kcal)

Fat: 0.1 g (~ 1 kcal)

Carbohydrates: 3.5 g. (~ 14 kcal)

Energy ratio (b | f | y): 22% | 5% | 70%