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The benefits of olives

The benefits of olives
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Do you like olives? It turns out that it is not only tasty, but also a very useful product. Due to its fibrous structure, olives are easily absorbed by the body, moreover, they are rich in vitamins, contain omega acids, which prevent the development of diseases of blood vessels and heart, liver and stomach ulcers. Vital to people who live in poor environmental conditions. A few olives per day will help calm the nervous system (thanks to B vitamins), give vitality, improve mood, skin and hair condition. Regular consumption of olives slows down the aging process.
It is customary to use olives as an independent dish as a cold starter, addition to salads, pizza, pasta, they are added to hot dishes, hodgepodge, sauces, and used as a delicious decoration of dishes. In our country, the main supplier of olives and olives is Spain.