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Exotic Fruit - Mango

Exotic Fruit - Mango
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The main exporter of exotic mangoes on the market is India. Suitable conditions for growing mangoes in Europe are only in Spain.
Did you know that mango color is not an indicator of maturity? Mangoes come in red, yellow, orange and even green! All these are plant varieties.
To determine the maturity of a mango you need to pay attention to its softness and aroma. In the preparation of dishes not only ripe fruits are widely used. Unripe fruits are eaten with salt, pepper and soy sauce! They prepare refreshing drinks and also use them as a side dish for fish and seafood.
Mango fruits are rich in carbohydrates, a small amount of protein and fat. It contains a complex of vitamins A, B and C, minerals: potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus.
The substances that are contained in mangoes have antitumor properties, serves as the prevention of cancer. Thanks to mangoes, the aging process slows down.
It is recommended to eat with a cold, because the product is rich in vitamin C (more than in lemon). Able to lower blood cholesterol.
Due to the potassium content, it is able to regulate blood pressure