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Recently, in addition to the palatability of food, its external attractiveness has played a large role. That is why the decoration of the festive table is one of the key places in the cooking process.
Canapes are tiny sandwiches, most often fastened with skewers. Initially, skewers were used as a convenience for serving, and not for decoration. Canapes are a festive, buffet table decoration. There are many cooking options for canapes, which can be divided into two types.
The basis is fried in olive oil or dried bread toast, on top of which the ingredients are laid. This serving allows the canapes to keep in shape while maintaining their palatability.
For canapes, a substrate of vegetables is used as the basis, for example, a cucumber slice, a slice of boiled potatoes, a circle of carrots, beets, etc.
It is not so difficult to prepare canapes, but you need to be able to beautifully arrange and serve them on the table.
Canapes can be cooked with pieces of cheese, crab sticks, anchovies, shrimp, olives, boiled eggs.
Canapes with olives are one of the most popular receptions. For cooking with canapes with olives, salted products are most often used: cheese, sausage, meat, salted vegetables.
There are several recipes where olives are combined with sweet foods, such as marmalade. However, they are not very popular, because not everyone will like this combination.
You can cook canapes from ingredients of approximately the same size so that they have a good aesthetic appearance.
To make canapes sauce, sour cream, herbs, lemon, and also curd sauce are most often used.