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Culinary tips.

Culinary tips.
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Culinary tips. Today we will talk about the benefits and harms of pickled cucumbers. This product is considered very ambiguous, some completely refuse to use it, while others love and say pickled cucumbers are very useful. Despite many opponents, pickled cucumbers still remain a favorite addition to many dishes and an independent snack. However, pickling cucumbers is not so difficult: many are confused by the laboriousness of the process and the long cooking time. But the efforts will be definitely rewarded, and the result will be excellent sour-sweet cucumbers. Pickled cucumbers go well with meat and fish dishes, are in harmony with other fresh and boiled vegetables in salads and can be an ingredient in savory sauces.
 The benefits of cucumbers:
 Pickled cucumbers retain most of the beneficial trace elements and vitamins, and are rich in liquid that saturates the body with oxygen.
 Pickled cucumbers stimulate appetite and enhance digestion.
 Pickled cucumbers have a mild laxative effect.
 Pickled cucumbers can neutralize the effects of alcohol, so they are often used as snacks for hard liquors.
 However, the frequent use of pickled cucumbers can damage tooth enamel due to the high content of acetic acid. It is not recommended to use salted and pickled cucumbers for atherosclerosis, a tendency to be overweight (as they increase appetite), hypertension, diseases of the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, during pregnancy, as they greatly increase gastric secretion, which undesirable.
However, in moderation, pickled cucumbers can not do much harm to the body.