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10 products that kill cancer cells

10 products that kill cancer cells
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1. Beans - an excellent source of vegetable protein, is able to provide the body with fiber, which has anti-cancer properties. Due to the content of phytochemicals, genetic damage to cells is prevented significantly slowing down the aging process. Beans protects against prostate cancer, reduces the risk of developing cancer of the digestive organs.
2. Garlic - increases the activity of the cells of the immune system, which resists cancer. Garlic reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. Protects against cancer of the stomach and intestines.
Scientists recommend eating healthy people every day with garlic.
3. Carrots - a powerful antioxidant and a source of beta-carotene, the properties of these substances reduce the risk of developing a certain type of cancer - cancer of the oral cavity and larynx, stomach and colon, bladder and prostate gland. Urology research confirms that carrots resist bladder cancer. Raw and boiled carrots can also be used as disease prevention, however, it is in the raw product that a great nutritional value is preserved, which contributes to a better fight against cancer.
4. Broccoli is a plant capable of neutralizing even the destructive effects of cancer. Broccoli acts as an antioxidant and stimulates human cells, forcing them to fight the disease. More valuable are young broccoli plants that contain a number of anti-cancer elements. Broccoli sprouts can be found in health food stores or grown independently.
5. Cayenne pepper contains a substance that causes burning in the entire oral cavity, however, this same substance successfully fights cancer cells. You can use it as much as you stand yourself. The process proceeds according to the principle of the steam room against the common cold - the hotter the better.
6. Mushrooms are a storehouse of useful substances for the whole body, but they are also very effective in the fight against cancer. Six thousand years ago, the Chinese used Asian mushrooms for medicinal purposes. Mushrooms that benefit the body come in many varieties. For example, shiitake, reishi, oyster mushrooms and others. You can eat the mushrooms themselves directly, or you can purchase special additives with an extract of these products.
7. Raspberry - is a source of antioxidants and other substances that protect against cancer. Special studies in rats showed that in animals that consumed black raspberries, the percentage of cancer cells in the esophagus was significantly reduced. Later, raspberry powder was given to people with colorectal cancer, and the result was also not bad. Therefore, in the defense and fight against cancer, one needs to take these tasty and very useful berries.
8. Green tea contains substances that inhibit the destructive effects of cancer cells in the lungs and digestive system. However, this applies exclusively to real green tea sourced from Japan. Most packages in the windows of modern supermarkets are not the tea in question. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from cancer with the help of green tea, you have to look for an Asian store and buy a product there.
9. All of us known Tomatoes contain a lot of useful substances, and it is not at all important to use them in raw form or raw. Numerous studies prove that tomatoes are indispensable in the fight against cancer.
10. Turmeric has long been successfully used in the treatment of inflammatory and catarrhal diseases, while relieving asthma symptoms, and also this is a great addition to dishes that can fight the occurrence of cancer cells.