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Beans: Cooking Tips

Beans: Cooking Tips
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Beans, cultivated seven thousand years ago in Central and South America, is considered a favorite dish of many peoples and is one of the ten most healthy foods on the planet. The famous bean culture, which in ancient times was considered the "meat of the poor", is actually a source of protein and vitamins. At the moment, about 200 varieties of beans have been discovered. It is leguminous and cereal, red, white, mottled, black, green, brown, large and small. This culture is grown in all countries except the Far North, and is popular with anyone who thinks about proper nutrition.
Beans in the culinary of different countries
Soups, mashed potatoes, cereals are cooked from beans, salads, pastes, snacks, vegetarian sausage and pie fillings are made. At the same time, different types of beans have their own culinary "specialization" - it is better to stew white beans, red is good for salads and soups, and black, which is incredibly tender and soft in taste, is ideal as a side dish without any additives. An unusually picturesque lima bean can decorate any dish, because in shape it resembles a beautiful shell.

Mexicans make spicy meat sauce from beans, Ukrainians add it to their signature borscht, Asians mix beans with rice, but Georgians cook lobio with aromatic herbs. An interesting combination among the French, they cook beans with spinach. Beans are a versatile product that has thousands of cooking methods and always bright, unexpected taste.